About Us

Welcome to the new Pound Dollar Exchange blog, something I’ve set up to keep readers informed on all the news related to buying dollars, be it US, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian. You can also follow all Euro related news at our sister site Pound Euro Exchange.

My name is Simon Eastman and I work for a specialist currency brokers called Currency Index. In my 8 years in the industry I have helped thousands of clients achieve much better rates of exchange than can be found through the banks, saving thousands of pounds with their transfers.

When exchanging British Pounds to another currency picking the right time to exchange  is key to maximising your return. You may be buying a property, paying a mortgage or bill or have business dealings overseas and import/export goods picking the best time can make a big difference to costs. Alternatively you might work overseas or be selling an overseas property and want to repatriate funds to the UK.

We aim to provide the information that will help you to keep on top of the trends and help you choose the opportune time to trade. For further discussion you can contact me directly by email at sre@pounddollarexchange.co.uk or contact one of the team at Currency Index directly by visiting the website. Get market analysis, live market quotes and once registered you can trade a wide range of world currencies.